What is an industrial construction?

An industrial construction can be used for the storage of materials or goods, storage in a plantation or breeding, depending on its structure and/or layout. More information : http://www.3xeng.com/ . In practice, this means that it serves as a shelter, workshop, garage, storage office or space and can have many functions. There is not one utility vehicle but several, meeting the buyer’s requirements, who will decide on the material as well as the dimensions in height or width. Combining safety and comfort, an industrial building is above all a construction designed to last longer. As far as materials are concerned, galvanized steel is used, transformed into resistant profiles.

Treating concrete

Concrete treatment requires an understanding of the repair materials of the substrate to be repaired and the environment in which they are used, as well as an understanding of the mechanisms underlying the adhesion. Dimensional, electrochemical, chemical and porosimetric compatibilities are essential to solve this problem. This article analyses the built heritage at stake and potential intervention strategies. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of the effects and causes of degradation affecting reinforced concrete structure repair. A correct diagnosis makes it possible to define the most appropriate intervention methods and repair solutions.

Repair a building

Awareness of chemistry and concrete structures is raised before any intervention on a structure. Construction can suffer numerous damages related to aging, design or implementation defects, change of destination of a building… By repair, we mean the act of returning to the first state of construction of a concrete structure. Then, the fact of modifying the structure to give it a new operational purpose, the psychologist, with an increase in prices. Reinforcement and repair are closely related, as reinforcement requires repair interventions to prepare the supports, and reinforcement techniques once the construction is deficient are often used for repair.

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